As of January 2020, 3e joined Euro Craft as a member.

The 3e Handels- und Dienstleistungs AG is an association of specialist dealers in the hardware industry and was founded in 1989. Today, 140 member companies in Austria and 147 in Southern and Eastern Europe belong to 3e AG. With its sales channels, the 3e Group addresses private customers (LET'S DOIT, LET'S DOIT Holzprofi, BAD&CO) as well as industry and commerce. The 3e Group generated sales of 580.5 million euros in 2018, of which 415.4 million euros were generated in Austria. This makes the 3e Group one of the big players in the Austrian professional and DIY market.

The current 287 3e members are represented in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic.