Cecofersa is the largest Spanish retail chain Hardware and Industrial Supplies. 140 companies and 250 establishment are our network in Spain and Portugal. Buy directly from leading manufacturers with the best prices.

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Save yourself 40% of your purchase when buying a property associated with CECOFERSA. The squirrel is our hallmark and our stores are identified with it. Come on to shop, Squirrel awaits! All our hardware partners have a large assortment of the best national and international manufacturers. Here you can get adequate professional help to make a purchase oriented.


CECOFERSA is a practical and modern tool of the future and present at the service of distribution. All this is thanks to the help of the associated hardware dealers and manufacturers. We are concerned about the present and look forward always getting ahead of our time. CECOFERSA is a member of the largest European group of sector purchases of hardware and industrial supply: Euro Craft.
CECOFERSA represents Euro Craft in Spain and Portugal.