First French network for independent dealers and traders in Building and Industries.

Since more than 70 years..

Since more than 70 years, Groupe SOCODA is gathering trade companies, expert in their local areas that are dealing into 7 well known activities:

  • Electrical Supplies
  • Professional tools
  • Building Materials
  • Decoration
  • Sanitary/Plumbing
  • Industries
  • Steel

Philosophy of Groupe SOCODA:

To do everything better
To purchase better
To sell better
To manage better

3 qualities that are the main line of Group SOCODA

All the year, Groupe SOCODA, throughout different marketing activities (Promotions, commercial exhibitions), allows his independent members the ability to compete against National groups and to grow, to draw the market, due to their relationship with the approved branded suppliers.

Customers of Group SOCODA
According to their activities: 
Key Accounts
Local government Agencies
According to their sector:
Building Installation/Industries
Tertiary Sector

Key figures of Groupe SOCODA:

Companies: 197 companies affiliated
Employees: 9200
Outlets: More than 900
Customers: 440000 Professional customers
1000 suppliers with contracts
Turnover: € 3 billions