Zevij-Necomij is a purchasing organisation for technical wholesalers and the ironmongery trade. The complete range takes in all products in the ironmongery, tool, machinery and hanging and joining work sectors. The annual turnover in 2018 was € 537 million.


The companies affiliated to Zevij-Necomij are wholesale organisations in ironmongery and tools. They are companies that operate on a regional basis and focus on the professional customer in the building and industrial sectors. These organisations have over 590 branches, spread throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Every branch provides a broad, top quality and competitively priced range.


For more then 65 years, Zevij-Necomij has been a trusted partner for suppliers when it comes to payment certainty, market development and turnover growth. Zevij-Necomij is careful when selecting suppliers and applies strict criteria. These criteria apply to quality, reliability, pricing and complying with agreements and delivery conditions.

Private labels

There are two active private labels among the members of Zevij-Necomij; Ivana and 4tecx. Both private labels combine quality with a healthy margin for the wholesaler.

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